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Hello All! My name is Megan Kentrolis. I am a loving wife and dog mom. By trade, I am a state and national certified Pharmacy Technician. I got into this field so I could help others. Helping is something I'm truly passionate about. However, after 10 years in only western medicine I started to wonder if there were other treatment methods that could help without all the potential side effects that can occur. This all brought me into practicing foot zoning. Fun fact, foot zone therapy is one of the oldest arts of medicine. Foot zones are advanced reflexology using a systematic approach to access the entire body, and can have many health benefits. These benefits may include: increased strength and mobility, ridding the body of waste, detox of the body, and so many other things. I use essential oils in my zones to provide added benefits. At The Zen Zone by Megan, I take pride in providing you a calm and safe space for healing. Always feel free to ask any questions you may have. I look forward to having you in my chair!

My Husband, Brandon, and I are Co-Owners. Brandon is the Business Manager and Media Manager. He is also the (un)willing test subject for new Products/Services.

xoxo, Megan
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