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Foot Zoning FAQ

-What do I need to do to prepare for a zone?

To be honest, not much. It is very important to come into your zone extremely hydrated. As the zone works to remove toxins, you may feel a little sick afterwards if you weren't hydrated. Also, come in comfy and ready to relax.

-Does it hurt?

Yes, you may feel pressure/discomfort in certain areas that may be blocked while we are working on them.

-How long does it take?

I offer 3 zones. First, there is a mini zone which focuses mainly on client concerns. This zone lasts 30 minutes. Second, is a partial zone which goes over general areas, as well as any client concerns. This zone lasts 60 minutes. Third, there is a full zone that is comprehensive and goes in-depth on all areas. This zone is 90 minutes.

-How often should I be zoned?

This really depends on you and your schedule. You can't be over zoned. Some people come once a week, some every other week, and others even once a month. I feel that you will know when you need another one.

-Who cannot be zoned?

There is no one who wouldn't benefit from a foot zone. It is safe for all people of all ages.

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