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Reflexology treatments improve blood circulation, helps you sleep better, alleviates pain, increases energy levels, and helps to cope with stress and anxiety, and many more benefits.

Mini Zone

A 30 minute zone that focuses on client concern areas.


Full Zone

A 90 minute comprehensive Zone that goes in-depth on all areas of the foot and their correlation to your body.


Full Hand Reflexology

A 30 Minute Reflexology treatment that is the  least comprehensive. This is a good starting point for those new to Reflexology.


Partial Zone

A 60 Minute Partial Foot Zone that focuses on general areas and client concern areas.


Full Face Reflexology

A 60 minute Reflexology Treatment that is more comprehensive than the Hand but less comprehensive than the Foot.


Free Consultation

A 30 Minute consultation that goes over what services you would like to book or custom products you would want me to provide for you.

Additional Services

Other services that relax, improve energy, reduce stress/anxiety/depression, lower risk of Heart Disease, and restore Mental Balance, etc.

Sound Bath

A 60 Minute meditative experience where those in attendance are “bathed” in sound waves. *Intake form required*


30 Minute Ionic Foot Soak

One 30 minute foot soak that uses water charged with positive and negative ions to help remove toxins and heavy metals from the body.


Private Yin Yoga Class

90 Minute Yin Yoga Class. A slower paced style of Yoga where postures are held for longer periods of time.


For Products and Services :

All current bookings are done on the home page with some services through

All products are currently done through in person and are made to order.


Email for more info. 

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